SAP Shipment Tables are crucial part of SAP ERP System for data organization to provide clear structure of various aspects of shipment management.  For prompt retrieval and effective data integrity, independent and separate tables are designed that can store key information ,shipment headers, item data and document flow.

VTFA table is part of the system assisting in document flow. Moreover, it provides very clear and traceable view of shipment with additional feature of troubleshooting and auditing. It is considered the most suitable for customization and extension.

SAP Shipment Tables have well defined integration with other SAP modules and external system. These tables are designed in professional manner for wide range of relative shipment information for diverse industries.

TableDescriptionsFunctional Area
VFSIShipment Costs: Sub-item DataFreight Processing
S050ShipmentData Collection
S051Shipment routesData Collection
S053Shipment: shipping dataData Collection
S055Shipment: articlesData Collection
B045Shipment Type/Transportation Service AgentTransportation
TTSGShipment Blocking ReasonTransportation
VTFAShipment Document FlowTransportation
VTRDIShipment Planning IndexTransportation
VTTKShipment Header           Transportation
VTTPShipment ItemTransportation
OIGSIShipment ItemTransportation and Distribution
VFKKShipment Costs: Header DataFreight Processing
VFKPShipment Costs: Item DataFreight Processing
VTSGD“Shipment: Statistic GroupsReporting
VTSGDT“Shipment: Stat. GroupsReporting
VTSGT“Shipment: Statistic GroupsReporting
VTSGTT“Shipment: Statistics GroupsReporting
TOIGSTTD Shipment Type DescriptionTransportation and Distribution
OIGSHTD Shipment HistoryTransportation and Distribution
OIGSSTD Shipment StagesTransportation and Distribution
TOIGSTD Shipment TypesTransportation and Distribution
OIGSTD Shipment HeaderTransportation and Distribution
B400Bulk shipment typeTransportation and Distribution
B449Bulk shipment type / loading siteTransportation and Distribution
OIKSDTAS/TPI: Shipment schedulingInterface to Terminal Automation System
VTTSStage of ShipmentTransportation
S054Stages of shipmentData Collection
VFPAPartner for Shipment CostsFreight Processing
B022TrspPlPoint and Shipment TypeConditions
TVFTZTariff Zones for Shipment CostsFreight Processing
TVARSArchiving Control ShipmentTransportation
TIARSArchiving Control Shipment CostsFreight Processing
OIGSVCTD Transport Unit in ShipmentTransportation and Distribution
OIGSMSTD Article Samples on a ShipmentTransportation and Distribution
TVFCGItem Procedure Group for ShipmentCosts     Freight Processing
OIGSVTD Vehicles in Transport/ShipmentTransportation and Distribution
VFKNAccount Determination in Shipment Costs ItemFreight Processing
TTSGTDescription of Reason for Shipment BlockTransportation
OIGSMTD Article Allocated to a ShipmentTransportation and Distribution
OIGSVDTD Driver per Vehicle on a ShipmentTransportation and Distribution
OIA12Exchange assignment for bulk shipmentsE36963824
VTSFFUpdating Sequence: Statistics ShipmentReporting
TVFCDService Agent Procedure Group for Shipment CostsFreight Processing
TVFCVShipping Type Procedure Group for Shipment CostsFreight Processing
SAP Shipment Tables

No doubt, SAP Shipment Tables are crucial for SAP ERP system to support different industrial domains across the world.