SAP Work Center Tables are mandatory part of SAP ERP System. It stores the information of the following functional area

  • Production Planning
  • Controlling
  • Production Optimization Interface (POI)
  • Computer Aided Process Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Integration (APO)           
  • Data Collection
  • Site Data Collection
  • Value-Added Services
  • Value-Added Services

In SAP ERP System these tables have vital pivotal role in management and production processes. Moreover, these tables reside the information about the physical and logical work centers where the operations are executed.

SAP Work Center Tables has integration with the other modules like Production Planning, Plant Maintenance, and Project Systems

TablesDescriptionFunctional Area
CRHDWork Center Header Stores :general data about work centersProduction Planning
TC25Work center formulasWork Center
TC30Work center categoryWork Center
TC30AWork center categoriesWork Center
LWKCNWork center operationsTask & Resource Management
T5E75Work center commitment codeSpain
CRCAWork Center Capacity AllocationWork Center
LVVWCVAS work center determinationValue-Added Services
CRTXText for the Work Center or Production Resource/ToolProduction Planning
TC30TText for the work center categoryWork Center
CRCOAssignment of Work Center to Cost CenterControlling
T705RAssignment of work center to subsystem link groupSite Data Collection
TC30DDefaults for the work centerWork Center
TC23Key for use of the work center in the task listsWork Center
S024Totals Records for Work CenterData Collection
TC23AValid types for the work centerWork Center
WPSORRConversion rules for work centersLine Maintenance Planning (MEB Enhancements)
T5E04Registered company and work center namesSpain
TC24Person responsible for the work centerWork Center
TCR00Installation constants for work centerWork Center
TQ86AAssignment report category for work centerResults Recording
S022SFIS: Order Operation Data for Work CenterData Collection
VERTEAssignment of CAPP processes to work centersComputer Aided Process Planning
TCLOI5Method for Planned Order Selection by Work CentersProduction Optimization Interface (POI)
T5M9NHierarchy Structure Texts for DS Statistics Work Center KeyDenmark
CRCAContains data on the available capacities of work centersProduction Planning
CRCIFData on work center capacities for the CIF interfaceIntegration (APO)
KAKOHeader information for capacity recordsProduction Planning
KAPAContains capacity data for work centersProduction Planning
KAKTStores descriptions for capacitiesProduction Planning
KAPOData on different versions of capacitiesProduction Planning
CRHHStores hierarchy information for work centersProduction Planning
CRHSMore detailed hierarchy structure informationProduction Planning
CRVEAssignment of Work Center to Organizational UnitHuman Resources
CRVVAssignment of Work Center to Standard Value KeyProduction Planning
T435Stores keys for standard texts used in work centersProduction Planning
T435TTexts related to standard text keysProduction Planning
CRHD_EExtended data for work center headersProduction Planning
CRTDAdditional capacity data for work centersProduction Planning
CRCA_EWork Center Capacity ExtensionProduction Planning
CREFReference Location for Work CenterProduction Planning
CRCO_EAssignment of Work Center to Cost Center ExtensionControlling
CRTX_EExtended Text for Work CenterProduction Planning
TCR00Control parameters for work center managementProduction Planning
TCROFReason for the Out-of-Factory Work CenterProduction Planning
TCRCClassification codes for work centersProduction Planning
TCRCCCustomization settings for work center categoriesProduction Planning
TCRC_TDescriptive texts for work center categoriesProduction Planning
TCRCOCustomizing: Work Center CostingControlling
TCRCOTTexts related to work center costingControlling
CRPAWork Center Capacity PlanningProduction Planning
TCRAAllocation data for work centersProduction Planning
CRLALinks between different work center allocationsProduction Planning
TCR1Time profiles associated with work centersProduction Planning
TCR1TTexts for Time ProfilesProduction Planning
TCR2Shift sequence data for work centersProduction Planning
TCR2TTexts for Shift SequencesProduction Planning
TCR3Different types of available capacitiesProduction Planning
TCR3TTexts for Available Capacity TypesProduction Planning
TCR4Capacity Interval TextsProduction Planning
TCR4TTexts for Capacity IntervalsProduction Planning
CRCA_TWork Center Capacity TextsProduction Planning
CRCO_TWork Center Cost Center Assignment TextsControlling
CRTX_TExtended Texts for Work CentersProduction Planning
T435AAdditional Data for Standard TextsProduction Planning
T435BAdditional Standard TextsProduction Planning
TCRRReporting Profiles for Work CentersProduction Planning
TCRR_TTexts for Reporting ProfilesProduction Planning
CRTD_EAdditional Data for Work Center CapacitiesProduction Planning
SAP Work Center Tables