SAP Withholding Tax Tables are the basic and mandatory tools for a business to handle the responsibilities related to tax smoothly, accurately, and efficiently.  Like other SAP Tables, these tables are also part of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning System (SAP ERP). The tables store information about tax codes, tax rates, and tax jurisdiction which are essential and basic requirements for tax calculation and withholding taxes from employee paychecks or vendor payments.

In the SAP system, the function of SAP Withholding Tax Tables is the configuration and management of tax deductions from payments that need to be collected from vendors or contractors. Moreover, these tables are flexible and customizable to perform calculations without any error. The SAP automated system deducts withholding tax based on the provided accurate information ensuring that the exact amount is deducted.

In the case of manufacturing firms, these SAP Tables for Withholding Tax are used to calculate the amount of tax from payments delivered to the suppliers of raw materials, components, and furnished goods. Whereas in hospitals these tables assist to deduct the tax from payments delivered to the doctors, nurses, and rest of the medical staff.

TableDescriptionsFunctional Area
RF07Withholding tax in Italy : Modello 770 – additional dataBasic Functions
T5C2CWithholding Tax LiabilitySwitzerland
T5C2JWithholding Tax LiabilitySwitzerland
T059KWithholding tax code and processing keyBasic Functions
A399Withholding tax code – country-specificBilling
T059PWithholding tax typesBasic Functions
T059ZWithholding tax code (enhanced functions)Basic Functions
T5C1SWithholding Tax Rates (CH)Switzerland
T5C2BWithholding Tax BasesSwitzerland
T059QWithholding TaxFinancial Accounting
T5C2LWithholding tax – payroll numberSwitzerland
RBWS“Withholding Tax DataInvoice Verification
RBWT“Withholding Tax DataInvoice Verification
VITMWTTerm: Withholding TaxRental Accounting
T5C1YFee for Withholding TaxSwitzerland
T059OOfficial withholding tax key – DescriptionsBasic Functions
T5C1TTexts for Withholding TaxSwitzerland
T5C2GTexts for Withholding TaxSwitzerland
T059UText Table: Withholding Tax TypesBasic Functions
T059ZTText table: Withholding tax codesBasic Functions
T5C2MTPayroll unit: Withholding tax textsSwitzerland
T5C2MPayroll unit – withholding taxSwitzerland
T005QCountry Keys for Withholding Tax CalculationFinancial Accounting
T059OTText table: Official withholding tax key descriptionsBasic Functions
T005RCountry Keys for the Withholding Tax: NamesFinancial Accounting
LFBWVendor master record (withholding tax types) X               BasicFunctions
DFKKQSRIndividual Records for Withholding Tax ReportContract Accounts Receivable and Payable
KNBWCustomer master record (withholding tax types) XBasic Functions
T059FBFormulae for calculating withholding tax (new functions)Basic Functions
T059FFormulas for Calculating Withholding TaxFinancial Accounting
T059VReasons for exemption per withholding tax typeBasic Functions
T059WReasons for exemption per withholding tax typeBasic Functions
T059CTypes of Recipient: Vendors per Withholding Tax TypeBasic Functions
T059DTypes of Recipient: Vendors per Withholding Tax TypeBasic Functions
T001WTCompany code-specific information per withholding tax typeBasic Functions