SAP SD Tables hold data about sales and distribution having ability to manage processes like sales order, deliveries billing documents, pricing, and customer master data. These tables are essential part of SAP ERP schema and assist in retrieving information for diverse SD transaction.

SD tables are well organized in the system for optimized performance. Tables aggregate diverse facets of sales comprising sales orders, deliveries, billing documents, pricing conditions and customer master data.

TablesDescriptionFunctional Area
VBAKSales Document: Header DataSales Orders
VBAPSales Document: Item DataArea: Sales Orders         .
VBFADocument Flow for Sales DocumentSales Orders, Deliveries, Billing
VBRKBilling Document: Header DataBilling
VBRPBilling Document: Item DataBilling
KNA1Customer Master (General DataCustomer Master Data
KNVVCustomer Master Sales DataCustomer Master Data
VKDFSSD Index: Billing InitiatorBilling
TVAKSales Document TypesSales Document Configuration
TVAPSales Document Item CategoriesSales Document Configuration
VAKPASales Index: Orders by Partner FunctionSales Orders
VLPMASD Index: Delivery by MaterialDeliveries
LIKPDelivery Document: Header DataDeliveries
LIPSDelivery Document: Item DataDeliveries
LFM1Billing Document: Header DataBilling
LFM2Billing Document: Item DataBilling
VTTKShipment HeaderShipping
VTTPShipment ItemShipping
VBKDSales Document: Business DataSales Orders
VBEPSales Document: Schedule Line DataSales Orders
VBFADocument Flow for Sales DocumentSales Orders, Deliveries, Billing
VBBESales Requirements: Individual RecordsSales Orders
VBEHSchedule Line HistorySales Orders
VVKPAHeader Data for PartnerPartner Determination
TVCPFSales Document: Copying Control: Pricing TypeSales Document Configuration
TVEPSales Document: Schedule Line CategoriesSales Document Configuration
TVAGSales Documents: Sales Org. Data for SD Document TypesSales Document Configuration
TVSWZSales Documents: Control table for determining the split criteriaSales Document Configuration
TVCPASales Document: Copying Control: Partner ProcedureSales Document Configuration
TVKOSSales Org./Distr. Chl/Division/Material/Sales Document TypeSales Document Configuration
SAP SD Tables