SAP Routing Tables hold the information in an order about the activities performed at the work center. The data about routing have a crucial role in estimation and calculation of production cost, machine and labor time.

Whenever, you intend to develop a routing, never forget to create work center at first step. Create routing groups and multiple and diverse materials can follow via  sole routing group. SAP Routing Tables also assist in scheduling and costing of operation for raw and finished products.

TablesDescriptionFunctional Area
AFRUAllocation of capacities and routing in production ordersProduction Planning (PP)
CRHHWork center hierarchyProduction Planning (PP)
CRHDWork center header dataProduction Planning (PP)
CRCAWork center capacity allocationProduction Planning (PP)
TC02Control parameters for schedulingProduction Planning (PP)
PLKOTask list header dataProduction Planning (PP)
PLASTask list – selection of operations/activitiesProduction Planning (PP)
MAPLAssignment of task lists to materialsProduction Planning (PP)
AFVVOrder operationsProduction Planning (PP)
AFVCOperation within an orderProduction Planning (PP)
AFVGCollective confirmation for orderProduction Planning (PP)
AFVVOrder operationsProduction Planning (PP)
CRCAWork center capacity allocationProduction Planning (PP)
AFRCConfirmations informationProduction Planning (PP)
TCA01Language-dependent texts for TCA01Logistics – General
TCA02Language-dependent texts for TCA02Logistics – General
TCA03Language-dependent texts for TCA03Logistics – General
TCA04Language-dependent texts for TCA04Logistics – General
TCA05Language-dependent texts for TCA05Logistics – General
TCA06Language-dependent texts for TCA06Logistics – General
TCA07Language-dependent texts for TCA07Logistics – General
TCA08Language-dependent texts for TCA08Logistics – General
TCA09Language-dependent texts for TCA09Logistics – General
TCA10Language-dependent texts for TCA10Logistics – General
PLPOTask list – operation/activityPP – Routing
MAPLAssignment of Task Lists to MaterialsPP – Routing
COPLPOTransfer Structure of routing operations to OrderPP – Production Orders  Structure
PLMZAllocation of bill of material items to operationsPP – Routing
AFKOOrder header data PP ordersPP – Production Orders 
MARCPlant Data for MaterialLogistics – Material Master
RESBReservation/dependent requirementsMM – Inventory Management
STOPBOM itemLogistics – Bills of Material
PASSTStrategies for Partner SearchMM – Purchasing
MASTMaterial to BOM LinkLogistics – Bills of Material
PLPODI/O table for task list operations and network activitiesPP – Routing
MARAGeneral Material DataLogistics – Material Master
MONIMonitor table MONIBasis – Performance Monitors (TCC)
AUFKOrder master dataCO – Overhead Cost Orders
JESTIndividual Object StatusCross Application – General status management
RESPProject Number for SAP PartnerBasis – Transport Organizer
STXHSTXD SAP script text file headerBasis – SAP script
MPOSMaintenance itemPM – Maintenance Task Lists
STKOBOM HeaderLogistics – Bills of Material
AFVGDOrder: Dialog table for Table AFVG (order operation)PP – Production Orders
CRCOAssignment of Work Center to Cost CenterPP – Work Center
PLMKInspection plan characteristicsQM – Inspection Planning
PLFHTask list – production resources/toolsPP – Routing
PLFLTask list – sequencesPP – Routing
PLKZTask list: main headerPP – Routing
PLPHCAPP: Sub-operationsPP – Computer Aided Process Planning
PLWPAllocation of maintenance packages to task list operationsPM – Maintenance Task Lists
PLABRelationshipsProject Systems – Network and Activity
SAP Routing Tables