SAP Profit Center Tables assist the management in decision making by tracking the performance of the business. They provide a platform to develop analysis of the cost and profit at atomic level. Because of these tables in SAP ERP System a business organization can generate segmented financial reports of diverse modules of the business. With the help of these reports business owners can easily judge the areas of improvement.

TablesDescriptionFunctional Area
T8J1NProfit Center Intercompany Cutback RuleJoint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting
GLTPCProfit Center AccountingProfitability Analysis
CEPCProfit Center Master Data TableProfit Center Accounting
GLPPCProfit Center Accounting: Plan line itemsProfit Center Accounting
GLSPCProfit Center Accounting: Line ItemsProfit Center Accounting
JBDUBPCProfit Center – Non-Interest-Bearing PositionBank Components
A139Price per Profit CenterCost Center Accounting
CEPCTTexts for Profit Center Master DataProfit Center Accounting
CEPC_TContains textual descriptions (names and short texts) of profit centers in various languages, enabling multilingual support for profit center names.Supports the display and maintenance of text descriptions associated with profit centers
CEPC_PRCTRLinks profit centers to profitability segments within the CO-PA (Controlling – Profitability Analysis) module, facilitating cost and revenue allocation.Enables integration between profit centers and profitability analysis processes.
CEPC_CTLinks profit centers to Funds Management (FM) areas for budgeting and funds management purposes.Enables integration between profit centers and SAP’s Funds Management module.
CEPC_BUKRSLinks profit centers to company codes within the SAP system.Facilitates reporting and analysis based on profit centers across different company codes.
CEPCCProvides a dummy hierarchy of profit centers for use with Executive Information System (EIS) reporting.Supports reporting and analysis through EIS using predefined profit center hierarchies.
CEPCVStores different versions of profit center master data, allowing for historical analysis and scenario planning.Supports version management and comparison of profit center data.
CEPC_RCStores responsibilities and roles assigned to profit centers, such as profit center managers or cost center controllers.upports organizational management and control within profit centers.
CEPCHLinks profit centers to a hierarchical structure based on company codes.Facilitates reporting and analysis by company code hierarchy for profit centers.
TFIN011Mapping of Profit Centers to Profit Center GroupsConsolidation
A122Surch. type /Profit CenterConditions
IMCEPCIM Summarization: Profit centersInformation System
CMDT_PCGeneric Master Record: Profit Center EnhancementsProfit Center Accounting
T8A00Account Determination for Profit Center AccountingProfit Center Accounting
IMCEPCTIM Summarization: Texts for profit centersInformation System
A141Dependent on article and receiver profit centerBasic Settings
CEPC_FSFinancial services enhancement for Profit center masterAsset/Liability Management
T8A_ALLOCPost processing of Allocations for BS Accts in Profit CentersProfit Center Accounting
SAP Profit Center Tables