In SAP, the plant facilitates a company code in operational functions like a production facility or regional or branch office. SAP Plant Tables are part of the SAP database. These tables store the data concerning to the plants in SAP System. Moreover, they are part of the SAP Material Management (MM) Module that is utilized for procurement and inventory management

In the SAP database system, SAP Plant Tables organize the plant data with fields of plant names, addresses, and storage locations. In addition to these functionalities, these tables are also integrated with other modules of SAP like Sales and Distribution (SD) and Production Planning (PP) for various functionalities such as procurement, distribution, and production planning intentions.

There are two most important tables in SAP Plant Tables group. These tables are T001W Table and T001L Tables.

TableDescriptionsFunctional Areas
MEREP_TPLANTMI Testtool – SiteMobile Engine
CKMLRUNPLANTOrganizational units in a article ledger costing runActual Costing/Article Ledger
FMPPLANTChart of Commitment Items: Entity TextsFunds Management
TDIPDPLANTTexts for Payment Plan HierarchyReceivables/Payment Management
TN2GL_PLANTIS-H*MED: Reasons for Re-Planning Patient Pathway (Text)Clinical System
JVSDPLANTPRODUCTIS-M: Weekday-Dependent Site DeterminationSAP Media
EWA_EL_WDPLANT                Waste Disposal FacilityWaste Management
TEREGPLANTAllocation of Site to Service Object and Reg. Struc. AreaProcessing
TEREGPLANTWCAllocation of Workplace to Service Obj. and Regional GroupProcessing
T5R0PPlant section/SingaporeSingapore
T5R0P_PSPlant section/Singapore for PS EmployeesPublic Sector
T001WPlants/BranchesSite Master
T5B9PPlant/Plant Section (B)Belgium
T5D0PPlant/Personnel Subarea (D)Germany
T5C1LSUVA plant sectionsSwitzerland
T5C3EHR-CH: plant section text internal/UVGSwitzerland
T5M1PClient/Plant/Plant Section (Denmark)Denmark
Industrial Hygiene and SafetyCCIHC_LOCPLANTEHS-HIS
TVKWZOrg.Unit: Allowed Plants per Sales OrganizationBasic Functions
KOTN203SalesOrg./SalesChan/Plant/BonusBuy/Material/SalesUnitFree Goods
N2MOPPRO05PDOC: N0_IMPLAN Surg.: Implants Based on IS-H Article TableClinical System
N2MOPPR205PMD: N0_IMPLAN Surgery: Implants Based on IS-H Arts TableClinical System
N2MOPPR20JPMD: N0_IMPLAN Surgery: Implants Based on IS-H Arts TableClinical System
T5A4FAbsence Categories f. CollContract / Plant Bargaining AgmtAustria