SAP MM Tables are part of SAP ERP System. The tables play a supporting role to stores information about the processes of Material Management modules. These relations assist in provision of real time data access to the users for business decisions.  Further, the integration of the tables with rest of SAP modules like FI (Financial Accounting), SD (Sales and Distribution), and PP {Production Planning)  optimize the business activities.

TablesDescriptionFunctional Area
MARAGeneral Data about Materials such as material type.Material master data.
MAKTMaterial Descriptions in Various LanguagesMaterial master data and translations
MBEWMaterial Valuation Data for Different PlantsMaterial valuation
MARCPlant-Specific Data for Materials such as safety stockMaterial master data for plants
MARDStorage Location Data for Material , including storage locationMaterial master data for storage locations
MLGNMaterial Master: Special Stocks  (e.g., vendor, consignment)Special stocks management
MKPFMaterial Document Header  such as document numberInventory management and material movement
MSEGDocument Segment such as material number, and  quantityInventory management and material movement
T001WContains data related to plants such as plant codesOrganizational data in MM
T163Movement Type definitions and their settings  Configuration and control of inventory movements
T157Contains detailed configuration data for movement typesMovement type configuration
T156 Movement type and account modificationMovement type settings
EKPOPurchasing Document Item such as purchase order numberProcurement
EKKOPurchasing Document Header such as purchase order numberProcurement
EKKNAccount Assignment in Purchasing DocumentProcurement and financial accounting
LFA1Vendor Master Data such as vendor codes, namesProcurement and vendor management
T024EPurchasing Org. & VendorProcurement and vendor data
T024BContains data related to purchasing groupsOrganizational data for procurement
T024Material Requirement Planning including re-order pointPlanning
T001LStorage Location data such as plant and storage locationOrganizational data
MEANInternational Article Number – EANMaterial master data
MVERMaterial Consumption data, such as consumption quantityInventory and consumption planning
MARCPlant Data for Material such as safety stockMaterial master data for plants
MARMAlternative Units of Measure for MaterialMaterial master data
MLANTax Classification for MaterialMaterial master data
MBEWMaterial Valuation in different plants such as price controlMaterial valuation
MARDStorage Location Data for MaterialInventory management
MLGNMaterial Master: Special Stocks such as consignmentSpecial stocks management
MASTMaterial BOM LinksBOM management
MARAGeneral Material Data such as material type and groupMaterial master data
MLGNMaterial Master: Special Stocks  information for materialsInventory management
EKETScheduling Agreement Schedule LinesProcurement
EINEPurchasing Info Record: General DataProcurement
T156SYMovement Type Configuration for AccountingMovement type configuration
T156Movement Type such as movement type and account modificationConfiguration and control of inventory movements
EKPVSettlement ConfirmationSettlement and invoicing
EKKNAccount Assignment in Purchasing DocumentProcurement
EORDOrder Components for production ordersProduction planning
ESKNAccounting Document: Account AssignmentAccounting
MASTContains information linking materials to Bills of Materials (BOMs)BOM management
MBH1History Table for Material DocumentsInventory management
MCHBBatch Stock of materials, including batch number and quantityInventory management
MSEGContains item details for material documentInventory management
T156BMovement Type for Inventory ManagementConfiguration and control of inventory movements
MBRVInventory Reservations such as reservation numbers and quantitiesInventory management
EKKNAccount Assignment in Purchasing DocumentProcurement
EKPOContains item data for purchasing documentsProcurement
T156HContains movement type configuration for reservationsConfiguration and control of reservations
EINAContains data for purchasing info recordsProcurement
SAP MM Tables