SAP Invoice Tables holds invoice based data within the SAP ERP System. These tables assist in generation of business reports for analysis and decision. The major characters of these tables are:

  1. These tables contain information about document headers and Invoice Data.
  2. Moreover, in SAP ERP system, SAP Invoice Tables link invoice data with rest of business transaction.
  3. Finally the tables hold transactional data efficiently with proper indexing to speed up data retrieval speed.
TablesDescriptionFunctional Area
BKPFAccounting Document HeaderDocument management, accounting, financial reporting.
BSEGStores line item details for accounting documents.General ledger accounting, financial reporting.
RBKPContains header data for invoices.Invoice processing, accounts payable.
RSEGInvoice Document ItemInvoice processing, accounts payable.
VBRKStores header information for billing documentsBilling, accounts receivable
VBRPBilling Document: Item DataBilling, accounts receivable
BSETHolds tax-related data for accounting documentsTax calculation, reporting
BSECOne-time Account Data Document SegmentAccounting, financial reporting
REGUPInvoice line item table from Logistics invoice verificationLogistics invoice processing.
RBVDInvoice Document: Invoice Document FlowDocument tracking, audit trail
RBKP_VInvoice Document Header (Logistics Invoice VerificationLogistics invoice processing, materials management
RSEG_VAdditional line item details specific to logistics invoicesLogistics invoice processing, materials management
EKBEHistory per Purchasing Document , including invoicesPurchasing, procurement
EKKOPurchasing Document HeaderPurchasing, procurement.
EKPOPurchasing Document ItemPurchasing, procurement
VBRLSales Document: Invoice ListBilling
RBTXTaxes: Incoming InvoiceInvoice Verification
RBKPDocument Header: Invoice ReceiptInvoice Verification
NBRKSIS-H: Collective Invoice StatusPatient Accounting
FMFGRCReason Codes for InvoicesUS Prompt Payment Act
T052RRules for Issuing InvoicesFinancial Accounting
A162Trading Contract: Invoice RecipientLogistics – General
TE505Basic settings for invoice cancellationInvoicing
NREPIS-H: Items Collective Invoice SelectionPatient Accounting
T076BEDI: Assign Name in the Invoice <-> Company CodeFinancial Accounting
RBMADocument Item: Incoming Invoice for ArticleInvoice Verification
RSEGDocument Item: Incoming InvoiceInvoice Verification
NREKIS-H: Header Collective Invoice SelectionPatient Accounting
PSO50Stop Mass Processing Data for Invoice ReferenceFunds Management-Specific Postings
T169LVendor-Specific Parameters for Invoice VerificationInvoice Verification
TZKN7Acct assignment reference via the invoice no.Transaction Manager
NFSRIS-H: Billing documents for collective invoice (Austria)SAP Healthcare – Industry-Specific Components for Hospitals
TZSZ6Alloc. of  characteris. groups to clerk via invoice no.Transaction Manager
TZKN6Allocation of charact. group to acct.ass.ref. via invoice noTransaction Manager
EKRSERS Procedure: Goods (Merchandise) Movements to be InvoicedPurchasing
SAP Invoice Tables