SAP IDoc Tables are the part of SAP ERP system. These tables hold standardized data for documents that are used for internal and external data exchange in the business organizations. The function of tables is to exchange the data in SAP System and non-SAP systems.

Moreover, SAP IDoc Tables store the Meta data and data of IDocs. You can have information about the IDoc status , structure,  content in their  entire life cycle in these tables.

TablesDescriptionsFunctional Area
UIDOCResults Document of a Research Run (SEM-BIC)Business Information Collection
AQLIDOCSAP Query: InfoSet Documentation (Key)SAP Query
EDIQIIDoc Inbound Queue TableALE Integration Technology
EDIQOIDoc: Outbound Queue for qRFCALE Integration Technology
VSBHDRIDoc Self-Billing Procedure w. Automatic PostingsSelf-Billing Proced.
VSBITMIDoc-Item Self-Billing Procedure w. Automatic PostingsSelf-Billing Proced.
EDID2IDoc Data Record from 3.0C onwardsALE Integration Technology
EDID3IDoc Data Record from 3.0 onwardsALE Integration Technology
EDID4IDoc Data Records from 4.0 onwardsALE Integration Technology
TBD21ALE: IDoc reductionALE Integration Technology
TBD24ALE: IDOC reduction flagged with positive logic ALE Integration Technology
OIK04IS-OIL/TAS: Idoc data segmentInterface to Terminal Automation System
IDOCRELLinks between IDoc and application objectALE Integration Technology
TBD20ALE: data for IDoc projection filterALE Integration Technology
WDLCOPYLog Table for IDoc Copy ManagementPOS Interface – Outbound
EDIDSStatus Record (IDoc)ALE Integration Technology
JITEDJIT : Assigned IDocJust-In-Time Processing
T8JDXJV EDI Inbound: IDOC to FB01 document numbersJoint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting
EDIDCControl record (IDoc)ALE Integration Technology
WDLSPPOS outbound log: IDoc (items)Assortment List
TBD30ALE: Conversion rules for IDoc segmentsALE Integration Technology
TBDMSAssignment of message type to IDoc typeALE Integration Technology
T327BDefinition of function modules for IDOC setup: Link WM – subWarehouse Management
PPDITTransfer to Accounting: Lines in HR IDOCsData Transfer
EDIPORTSummary Table for all Port Types for IDoc ProcessingALE Integration Technology
VSBCONConditions (Surcharges/Discounts) of an IDoc ItemSelf-Billing Proced.
OIK29IS-OIL/TPI: Status of processed inbound IDoc OILSHI01Interface to Terminal Automation System
OIK29DIS-OIL/TPI: Status of processed inbound IDoc OILSHI01Interface to Terminal Automation System
PPDIXTransfer to Accounting: Index Table for HR IDOCsData Transfer