SAP Handling Units Tables store data that is used to logistics processes. The logistics processes are classified into various grouping materials into units considered as a single entity. Moreover these specialized database tables hold information about these handling units and relative transactions, contents, and structures. Here is list of important and frequently used SAP Handling Unit Tables.

S.NoDescriptionFunctional Area
VEKPHandling Unit Header DataLogistics Execution
VEPOHandling Unit Item DataLogistics Execution
VEQIHandling Unit – Inspection DataQuality Management
HUSPHandling Unit: Serial Number ManagementLogistics Execution
HUMSMHandling Unit: Status ManagementLogistics Execution
HUMSTHandling Unit: Status TextLogistics Execution
HUMAAssignment of Handling Units to Handling UnitsLogistics Execution
HUML43Handling Unit: Long TextsLogistics Execution
HUML45Handling Unit: Long Texts for Handling Unit ItemsLogistics Execution
HUSVHandling Unit Short TextsLogistics Execution
HUPRHandling Unit Header TextLogistics Execution
HUTYPHandling Unit TypesLogistics Execution
HUSIHandling Unit IdentificationLogistics Execution
HUTOHandling Unit Transport ObjectLogistics Execution
HUSABHandling Unit – General Serial NumbersLogistics Execution
HUSSIHandling Unit – System Serial NumbersLogistics Execution
HUSSQHandling Unit – Serial Number HistoryLogistics Execution
HUSSIHHandling Unit – Serial NumbersLogistics Execution
HUMVMHandling Unit Movement DataLogistics Execution
HUMBLHandling Unit – Material DocumentLogistics Execution
HULOGHandling Unit Log DataLogistics Execution
HUMERHandling Unit Message for ErrorsLogistics Execution
HUOBJHandling Unit – Object ReferenceLogistics Execution
HUVHHandling Unit ValuationLogistics Execution
HUPOSHandling Unit Position DataLogistics Execution
HUPSTHandling Unit Packing StatusLogistics Execution
HUKOLHandling Unit Collation DataLogistics Execution
HUPSCHandling Unit: Packing SpecificationsLogistics Execution
HUHLPHandling Unit Helper TablesLogistics Execution
HUMOVHandling Unit Movement TypeLogistics Execution
HUSTAHandling Unit: StatusesLogistics Execution
HUTMPHandling Unit Temporary DataLogistics Execution
HUPACHandling Unit Pack DataLogistics Execution
HUHDRHandling Unit Header DataLogistics Execution
HUMITHandling Unit Item DataLogistics Execution
HUTXTHandling Unit TextsLogistics Execution
HUVIEWHandling Unit View Data              Logistics Execution
HUPRIHandling Unit Pricing DataLogistics Execution
HUSPLHandling Unit Split DataLogistics Execution
HUSI2Handling Unit Serial NumbersLogistics Execution
THUTYPHandling Unit TypesCross-Application Components
VEVWWhere-Used List for Handling UnitsBasic functions
QMHUQM Link Between Inspection Lot and Handling Unit ItemBasic Data
SER06Document Header for Serial Numbers for Handling Unit-ContentSerial Numbers
SAP Handling Unit Tables