SAP Cost Element tables are part of SAP ERP system. These tables are designed to store and manage the Cost Element is the database system. Cost elements within an organization are representative of diverse costs and expenses incurred by the company during a fiscal year like materials, labor, and material costs.

SAP Cost Element tables are very useful in the generation of reports of cost elements data. This permits a company the analysis of financial performance and identification of cost reduction or performance improvement areas. Historical cost element data creates archives of data within the system that assists the tables in the creation of budgets as well as aids in forecasts.

TableDescriptionsFunctional Areas
TKA4Cost Element Characteristic GroupOverhead Cost Controlling
TIV5BCost elements text table TIV51Real Estate Management
TKA4ECost Element AttributeOverhead Cost Controlling
VIEA01Cost elements for ownerReal Estate Management
TCKHACost Element/Origin Assignment with Additive CostsProduct Cost Planning
TPIK2Cost Elements: Value CategoriesAccounting
CSKACost Elements (Data Dependent on Chart of Accounts)Controlling
CSKBCost Elements (Data Dependent on Controlling Area)Controlling
CSKUCost Element TextsControlling
TIV51Cost elements according to accountancy firm/ heating systemsReal Estate Management
TIV82Allocate Cost Element Sets to RW Report GroupsReal Estate Management
TZ21Control of cost elements for BAV statementsTreasury
TCKH2Assignment: Cost Element Interval – Cost Component StructureProduct Cost Planning
CSSKCost center /cost elementOverhead Cost Controlling
TKZU1Overhead Base Cost ElementsOverhead Cost Orders
TKB9FAssignment of cost element grps to CO-PA value fieldsProfitability Analysis
FMZUKAAllocation of Cost Element to FM Account AssignmentFunds Management
ANLKAsset Origin by Cost ElementInvestment Orders
TORB1Incoming Orders: Cost Element AssignmentActual Revenues and Forecast
TPIK3Assignment Table: Cost Elements -> Value CategoriesAccounting
TKECRMCCRM: Transfer of CRM Cost Element GroupProfitability Analysis
TFIN201Mapping of Secondary Cost Elements to FS Items: DetailsConsolidation
TKV11Target Cost Versions: Cost Element Group AssignmentProduct Cost by Period
TBPFKAvailability Control: Cost Elements ExemptedFunds Management
TPI04Interest Relevance of Cost Element/Commitment Item GroupsInterest
TKB5ALAllocation: Assessement Cost Elements for Alloc. StructureOverhead Cost Orders
TKZX3Credit objects for overhead cost elements per BUKRS/GSBERCost Center Accounting
TKZX9Credit objects for tgt=act. cost elements per BUKRS/GSBERCost Center Accounting
COKACO Object: Control Data for Cost ElementsOverhead Cost Controlling
TDO7TText table for administration cost elementsLoans Management
TKZU9Credit objects for target/actual cost elementsCost Center Accounting
VIEA02Allocation of costs elements to owner cost elementsReal Estate Management
TIV52Key conversion accountancy firm <-> partner cost elementsReal Estate Management