SAP Cost Center Tables are part of the database. These tables are designed to store data in cost centers in the SAP System. It is a fragment of the SAP controlling module that works for financial management and reporting.

The expert-level functionality of the SAP Cost Center Tables is to manage cost-level hierarchies that not only assign a cost to cost centers but also execute cost center accounting. These tables assist the combination with other modules like Material Management System and Sales and Distribution for cost accounting intentions.

TablesDescriptionFunctional Areas
UPB-CW-AnswersCost Center Wizard: AnswersBusiness Planning
UPB_CW_AreaCost Center Wizard: Planning AreasBusiness Planning
UPB_CW_CubeCost Center Wizard: InfoCubesBusiness Planning
UPB_CW_EDCost Center Wizard: Economic Description (Economics Objects)Business Planning
UPB_CW_ESCost Center Wizard: Economic SpecificationBusiness Planning
MPO_CCMON_RULESCost Center Monitor: Rules Definition for Exception ReportingCross-Application Components
CSKSCost Center Master DataControlling
CSKTCost Center TextsControlling
TKA05Cost Center TypesControlling
VIMI38Cost Centers (RU/LO) Real EstateReal Estate Management
CSSKCost Center/Cost ElementOverhead Cost Controlling
CSSLCost Center/Activity TypeOverhead Cost Controlling
TKT05Cost center type textsOverhead Cost Controlling
B066Cost centerConditions
TVAUKCost Center DeterminationBasic Functions
T8J5EJV cost center type for supplemental detailJoint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting
UPB_CCP_CUSTSEM Cost Center Planning: Customizing TableBusiness Planning
T8JOH_COST_OBJSTable of cost centersJoint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting
A132Price per Cost CenterOverhead Cost Controlling
TKSRTTexts for cost center summarizationCost Center Accounting
TKA3GSubstitute Cost Centers for HR SettlementControlling
CRMC_TOOL_COCRM Service: Cost Center / Activity Type for ToolControlling
TKV01Variance Keys: Cost Centers/CostingCost Object Controlling
KCR_T_CCATData Model for Cost Center/Activity TypeOverhead Cost Controlling
KCR_T_CCAT_TDData Model for Cost Center/Activity Type-Time DependentOverhead Cost Controlling
CFICC0CFIN Objects for Cost CentersInventory Accounting
CFICR0CFIN Objects for Cost Center/Resource PoolInventory Accounting
FMDERIVE002Derivation rule:Cost Center/CE to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/Funds Management
FMDERIVE003Derivation rule:Cost Center to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/FunFunds Management
TKZU4Surcharge Base – Cost Center / Activity TypeOverhead Cost Orders
A026Controlling Area/Cost CenterConditions
A058Controlling Area/Cost Center TypeConditions
A061Controlling Area/Cost Center Type/Cost CenterConditions
IMCECCIM Summarization: Cost centers              Information System
OIFOCSKSObject links – CO cost center (IS-Oil MRN)Marketing Retail Network
OIRBOCSKSObject links – CO cost center (IS-Oil SSR)Service Station Retailing
NO2KIS-H: Assign OU to Cost Center for Revenue Acct AsgmtBasic Data
TKSA0Administration for Cost Center Accrual  Cost Center Accounting
A123Discount Type/Resp. Cost CenterConditions
TKSR5Field transfers for cost center summarizationCost Center Accounting
CMDT_CCGeneric Master Data: Cost Center EnhancementsOverhead Cost Controlling
OIUH_RV_GLCCCross Reference GL to Cost CenterRevenue
TKAR2CO Resource Prices Per Cost CenterOverhead Cost Controlling
CSKSTPLTemplate Assignment for Cost CentersCost Center Accounting
NOEKIS-H: Assign Org. Unit to Cost CenterBasic Data
IMCECCTIM Summarization: Texts for cost centersInformation System
TOIGS1TD Intransit Store Location/Cost Center DeterminationTransportation and Distribution
CRCOAssignment of Work Center to Cost CenterWork Center
A062Controlling Area/Company Code/Cost CenterConditions
T8JOH_C_KEYLISTOverhead keyword list for each cost centersJoint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting
A063Controlling Area/Business Area/Cost CenterConditions
WSRS_DB_PLNT_CCSAP Retail Store: Assignment of Cost Centers to SitesSAP Retail Store