SAP BOM Tables are part of SAP database with the functionality to hold the data about the Bills of materials. Moreover, these tables are also part of SAP production Planning module which is designed to perform the function of planning and managing the manufacturing process.

The various types of BOMs are classified into single-level BOMs, multilevel BOMs, and variant BOMs. SAP BOM Tables encompass the ability to manage the mentioned types of BOMs. In short, these tables are very useful tools for the organization of BOM-related data and the optimization of the production process.

TableDescriptionFunctional Area
OIRBOMMT001LObject links – CA storage location (IS-Oil MRN)Service Station Retailing               
IDCN_BOMABooks for Prenumbered DocumentsSales and Distribution
IDCN_BOMATBooks for Prenumbered Documents – TextsSales and Distribution
MEREP_TBOMMI Testtool – Bill of MaterialMobile Engine
E2ET_TBOM_TASKDTBPCA: Data of Parallel TaskBusiness Process Change Analyzer
OIRBOMMT001LObject links – CA storage location (IS-Oil MRN)Service Station Retailing
T415TBOM Status TextsBills of Material
T416BOM Usage – Item StatusesBills of Material
T416TBOM Usage TextsBills of Material
TCS09BOM Control Depending on Category and UsageBills of Material
TCS15BOMs with History RequirementBills of Material
TCS17BOMs with History RequirementBills of Material
TCS21BOM Item Object Types: internal –> externalBills of Material
TCS22BOM Item Object Types: external –> internalBills of Material
T618EMBOM of CAP article componentsBasic Functions
TCS31BOM Field Selection – Usage (T416)Bills of Material
STASBOMs – Item SelectionBills of Material
STKOBOM HeaderBills of Material
STPN                BOM Follow-Up ControlBills of Material
SNUMBOM explosion numberMaster Data
STPO                BOM itemBills of Material
STPUBOM SubitemBills of Material
PLPLAN_PARAMBOM-dependent planning parameterDistribution Requirements Planning
T415SBOM statusBills of Material
E2ET_TBOM_FCT_SWTBOM functions switcher (activation )Business Process Change Analyzer
PPC_MATSuper BOM for Backflushed ArticlesProduction Backflush
PPC_MAT_DETSuper BOM: Special Account/Batch InformationProduction Backflush
E2ET_TBOM_ENVBPCA: TBOM collect calculated envireonemnt object for perfmBusiness Process Change Analyzer
STSTStandard BOM LinkBills of Material
PRSTProject – BOM linkBills of Material
STZUPermanent BOM dataBills of Material
MASTArticle to BOM LinkBills of Material
TCNIFPProfile for BOM transferArticle
CIF_MD_CHANGES“Changes to BOMLogistics – General
DOSTDocument to BOM LinkBills of Material
CFX_STRUCT_PAR“Father for BOMs (RedundantCollaboration Folders
CLSTLink class – BOMBills of Material
CUPEExtension to BOM Item for VariantsVariant Configuration
EQSTEquipment to BOM LinkBills of Material
MEREP_TBOMTYPEMI Testtool – BOM-TypeMobile Engine
MDHSCluster Table BOMs Explosion (Shared Buffer)Master Data
SCEDECOMPDecomposition (BOM and so on)Sales and Distribution
KDSTSales Order to BOM LinkBills of Material
CDESK_C_BOMCREATCustomizing for BOM Create with CAD DesktopCAD Integration
TCLOI3Usage Filter for BOM SelectionProduction Optimization Interface (POI)
T416VCopy defaults for BOM usage – item statusesBills of Material
TCLOI4Status Filter for BOM SelectionProduction Optimization Interface (POI)
CFX_STRUCT_PAR_VParent Version for BOM Version (Redundant as Cache)Collaboration Folders
TCNRFPReference Point for BOM transferArticle
SUMSNew key assignment: BOM explosion no.->New BOM explosion no.Master Data
CONT02_STPOContainer Table for BOM ItemProject System
TCS41Automatic alternative BOM determinationBills of Material
TCSFGTField group texts for BOMsBills of Material
J_3GSTLPOSItem Data for Equipment BOMsConstruction Equipment Management
TCSFGField group definition – BOMsBills of Material
J_3GSTLKOPFHeader Data for Equipment BOMsConstruction Equipment Management
FRMLT20RMS-FRM: Connection Table BOM – Formula (LoM)Recipe Management
J_3GSTLAKTActivation File/Buffer for BOMsConstruction Equipment Management
TCNIFPTLanguage Dependent Text for BOM Transfer ProfileArticle
SCEHASPRTComponents of Decomposition (BOM and so on)Sales and Distribution
CURTO_FOCUS_CHGChange Pointer for Order/WBS BOM for PDS TransferLO Integration
CMIG_USAGECustomizing – iPPE Migration: BOM UsageIntegrated Product and Process Engineering
STPFStructure tree of the exploded BOMRouting
MEREP_TMATLISTMI Testtool – Article List for BoMMobile Engine
CIF_IMMBOMIMod Reference Table for Article BOM’sCross-Application Components
COMM_CFGPRTDEPDependencies that are attached to BOM positionsProduct Configurator
CUOBOM_CHANGEManually Changed Items in the Order BOMEngineering Configuration (Order BOM)
TPSTLink Between Functional Location and BOMBills of Material
TCNIFAssembly item/WBS element assignment BOM transfer  Article
TCSFGFAllocation of fields to field groups – BOMsBills of Material
SCEPRTDEPAssignment of Dependencies to Components (of BOM)Sales and Distribution
CLRKRecursiveness Info on Objects in Classes for BOMVariant Configuration
TCNIP01Control stock/account assignment for interface EBOM/PSArticle
CNVCDMC_BPCACDMC Table for BPCA interface with mapping and TBOM infoCustom Development Management Cockpit