SAP Batch Tables hold data concerning to batches in the SAP ERP system at wide level. The scope of data is ranging from basic level to such as batch number and material number to range of comprehensive detail like shelf life, production date, and characteristics.

A Difference between MCHA and MCH1 Batch Tables

MCHA is designed to reside the data for batch master data. It stores general information about set of batches like batch number (CHARG), material number (MATNR), plant (WERKS) and rest of elementary data pertaining to relative batches whereas MCH1 holds batch specific data at material level. It also contains the already explained information along with additional information about stock quality and relative data.

Along with the similarity in the two tables both have similar functional area that is Inventory Management.

TablesDescriptionFunctional Area
MCHABatches master dataInventory Management
MCH1Batches for Material at plant levelInventory Management
MCHBBatch stocks at plant levelInventory Management
MKALSales order stock with reserved batchesSales and Distribution
MCH1BBatch specific data in Warehouse Management viewWarehouse Management
REBR3TBatch Record: Profile for Deviation Analysis TextProcess Data Documentation
REBR5Batch Record: Cover PageProcess Data Documentation
TCHW1Batch-Specific Units of Measure (Proportion/Product Un)Batches
REBR5TBatch Record: Cover Page DescriptionProcess Data Documentation
T704OBatch Requests for StatementsReuse Services for Country Development
MCHBHBatch Stocks: HistoryArticle Master
MCHCLBatch Class ConversionBatches
PKCHBatches and Quantities in KANBANKANBAN
MCHPBatch Record for a BatchProcess Data Documentation
REBRBatch Record: Overall ProfileProcess Data Documentation
REBR1Batch Record: Layout ProfileProcess Data Documentation
REBR1TBatch Record: Layout ProfileProcess Data Documentation
REBR2Batch Record: Layout ProfileProcess Data Documentation
REBR3Batch Record: Profile for Deviation AnalysisProcess Data Documentation
PROOBOriginal Batch for Production OrderBatches
PUROBOriginal Batch for Purchase OrderBatches
AFBPCIM order: Batch print requestsProduction Orders
KONDHConditions: Batch Strategy – Data DivisionConditions
S035Statistics: Batch StocksData Collection
T685HConditions: Batches => Default ValuesBatches
TCUDRVCustomizing: Batch DerivationBatches
TCUWSCustomizing: Batch Configuration for Rel.3.0Batches
VZKNA1Collector for batch input KNA1 from RF-VVTreasury
VZKNB1Collector for batch input KNB1 from RF-VVTreasury
CHVWTable CHVW for Batch Where-Used ListInventory Management
T159BParameters for Batch Inputs in Inventory ManagementInventory Management
T77UUUser Table for Batch InputOrganizational Management
TCUCDCustomizing for Batch Documents for Rel. 4.6CBatches
S034INVCO: Movements (Batches)Data Collection
T134WInitial Status of BatchArticle Master
H000Condition Table for Batch Search Strategy $Conditions
S038All Key Figures for Batch AnalysisData Collection
TC75Digital Signature for Batch RecordDigital Signature
TCUBNCustomizing: Automatic Batch Number AssignmentBatches
TCUDBCustomizing: Automatic Batch Number AssignmentBatches
TCHW2Units of Measurement for Batch-Specific Units of MeasureBatches
PFBTCPeriod-End Partner: Log (Batch Information)Overhead Cost Controlling
JLTPST1IS-M/SD: Header Data for Batch Input Postal ChargesSAP Media
RBKPBInvoice Document Header (Batch Invoice Verification)Invoice Verification
TBICSUSelection Tab Titles for Batch Information CockpitBatches
S435Statistics: Article Movements for Batches / NOT USED ANYMTrader’s and Scheduler’s Workbench
LDK06Communic.Record 06 Decentr.WMS (R/2-ERP):Batch Status ChangeR/2-R/3 Link
BNMATAssignment of Article No.-Number Range for Batch No. AssgmtBatches
SAP Batch Tables