SAP is one of the leading ERP systems across the globe and it’s banking module deals and manages financial operations for a business. SAP Bank Detail Tables are part of the system to store bank related information, facilitating transactions and enabling financial reporting.

In a wider scenario, SAP Bank Detail Tables are the backbone of the financial management system. These tables store very significant information about banks, bank branches, bank accounts, and rest of the data that plays very pivotal role for execution of financial transactions. In SAP ERP system they are associated with SAP Finance and Controlling modules with ensured incorporation with rest of business processes. The data stored in these tables is very useful to track cash flow, reconcile bank statements and generate financial reports. The detail of the tables is mentioned below.

TableDescriptionsFunctional Area
TB046BP Bank Details TypesSAP Business Partner
TB046TBP Bank Details Types: TextsSAP Business Partner
BUT0BKBP: Bank DetailsSAP Business Partner
KNEAAssign Bank Details and Payment Methods to Revenue Type FundsManagement-Specific Postings
LFBKVendor Master (Bank Details)Financial Accounting
KNBKCustomer Master (Bank Details)Financial Accounting
JJTBSIS-M/AM: Barred List for Bank DetailsSAP Media
PA0009HR Master Record: Infotype 0009 (Bank Details)Personnel Administration
PB0009HR Master Record: Infotype 0009 (Bank Details)Recruitment
TB047UBP Assignment Transaction -> Usage Type for Bank DetailsSAP Business Partner
SAP Bank Detail Tables