In database tables are relations or logical storage spaces that have rows and columns. The same concepts are applicable to the SAP Tables in which data is organized in modules. Each table in the SAP database has a mandatory Primary Key and a matching foreign key.

The SAP Tables are classified according to their functionality like finance, sales, distribution, and material management.

The well-known SAP Tables are

  • MARA- Material Master

This table is part of a set of SAP Tables and its defined function is to store general material data like description, type industry sector, and material group. Moreover, they also hold the parameters like measuring unit, weight and volume, and the rest of the attributes of the material.

  • MARD- Storage Location Data for Material

It holds the specific location of the data for a particular material within the SAP ERP system

  • KNAI – General Data in Customer Master Record

Each row in the database is representative of full and descriptive information of a Customer like a name, job address, and related concerned data.

  • KNBI- Customer Master ( Company Code )

It holds the customer master data at the company level and information is stored in rows with the attributes company code, customer number, credit control data, and the rest of the relative and productive information.

  • VBAP – Sale Document

This table is part of the SAP ERP system to hold data about sales within a business organization. The fields of the table are price, quantity, and delivery of sale items.

  • VBAK- Sale Document

This table is designed to store the data for sale documents. The row storing the data in the database has fields for sales document number, order type, customer number, and related data.

  • BKPF – Accounting Document Header

You can view the header data for accounting information in this table. Each row of the table has a unique accounting document with the information company code, fiscal year, document type, and rest of the related data.

  • BSEG- Accounting Document Segment

The attributes of the table are company code, account number, posting key and related data. Each row in the table stores a unique line item in the accounting document  

  • PA0001-HR Master Record Infotype 0001 ( Organizational Assignment)

Each row in the table has unique information about the employee record with the attribute employee number, organizational unit, position, and relative data

  • PA0002-HR Master Record: Infortype0002 ( Personal Data )

The data stored in each row of the table is unique with columns for employee number, name, birthdate, and related data.